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Leptosperum Scoparium
Manuka, as it is called by most New Zealanders, was used in pre-European times by the indigenous people of New Zealand, and still is. A decoction of the leaves was drunk for urinary complaints and as a febrifuge.
The steam from leaves boiled in water was inhaled for head colds. A decoction was prepared from the leaves and bark and the warm liquid was rubbed on stiff muscles and aching joints.
The emollient white gum, called pai manuka, was given to nursing babies and also used to treat scalds and burns. Chewing the bark is said to have a relaxing effect and it enhances sleep.
Research has shown it does have a more powerful antiseptic and antifungal action when compared to Melaleuca. Research carried out in both Britain and New Zealand by the Cawthron Institute and Waikato University has shown a broad spectrum antibiotic action.Beautiful smelling Golden Manuka Oil is hand harvested and organically grown, in Charleston on the West Coast of the South Island.
Can be used on cuts, abrasions, bites stings, burns, athletes foot, thrush, mouth ulcers,as a combative against nits and lice, & repels insects.
Manuka is antiseptic, analgesic and anti fungal.This versatile essential oil is a must for every home, and first aid kit.
Acute toxicity can occur if it is administered in amounts above the stated dose. It can, in some individuals, produce a mild irritancy to the skin.
Products:See full description below
  • Breathe Ezze: $9-95
    (A mixture of oils & herbs eases nasal congestion )
  • Lotion Bars: $3-50
    Patchouli, Neroli, Opium, White Musk, Fennel, Rose, Vanilla, Gardenia,
    Jasmine, Strawberry, Boronia, Any fragrance required...
  • Balms: $8-50 - 60 ml
    Manuka / Eucalyptus,
    Calendula / Arnica / Manuka / Lavender / Rosemary,
    Manuka / Hypericum
    Manuka / Lavender
  • Creme Perfumes: $5-50 15 ml
    Same fragrance's as in Lotion Bars
    or fragrance as required.
  • Hand Made Manuka Soap: $3-00
  • Soap Sacks:$4-50
  • Soap Balls $3-50
    Manuka, Herb, Poppy Seed, Coffee, Lemon,
    Oatmeal and Honey.
  • Skin Toner:$5-50
  • Black Bear Tooth Powder:50gms.$5-00 100gms.$9-50
  • Moisturizer:
    Moisturiser: (face) Rose, Neroli, Lavender $6-50 - 60ml
    Moisturiser: (body) any fragrance req; $10.00 - 250 mls
  • Face Scrub: (dry) $4-00
  • Hand Scrub: (dry) $4-00
  • Hand Cream: $5-50
  • Bug Off:(Insect Repellent) (Small) 75c (std)$3-00
  • Eye makeup remover: $3-00
  • Eye massage oil: $3-50
  • Foot balm: (peppermint) $3-50
  • Foot bar:$3-00
  • Body Spray: Lavander Mist$12-95
  • 100% Pure Lavander Essential Oil 15ml. $14-95
  • 100% Pure Manuka Essential Oil 10ml. $10-00
  • Hand Cream: $5-50

Lavender is probably the most versatile and popular of all the essential oils. Lavender has a soothing and calming effect on the mind. A balancer of the nervous and emotional system, it helps relieve irritability.

Its properties range from a gentle antiseptic and effective skin repairer to gentle sedative and insect bite treatment. Healing to burns and scars. Helps relieve headaches and migraines. Soothing to muscular aches and pains.

Helps ease childrens irritability. A highly active or sleepless child can often be calmed with a few drops on the pillow.

An excellent essential oil to add to after sun creams, daily moisturisers and applied under makeup or aftershave.

It is especially useful as an anti-spasmodic and vermifuge when applied topically either as a massage blend or undiluted over small areas.

Lavender is a middle note oil and can be blended with any other essential except peppermint.

There are no known contraindications for using Lavender Essential Oil.

Lavender Body Mist

This relaxing and refreshing body mist is perfect to use after bathing or showering. Ideal to use after a long hot day as a general 'pick me up' . Will help soothe and calm away the stresses of the day. Ideal for home or in the office.

Imparts a subtle gentle aroma for use all over the body and face. Avoid contact with eyes.

Lavender Hand Cream

Contains pure Lavender essential oil. This handcream provides not only the wonderful moisturizing properties of olive oil and wheatgerm but contains the healing and antiseptic qualities of lavender , helping to repair and revitalise the skin. This delicately perfumed cream is readily absorbed, will repair dryness and soften hardworking hands and elbows, leaving the area nourished and protected.

Lavender&Manuka Balm

Contains the pure essential oils of Lavender and Manuka all in a natural base of vegetable oil, Vitamin E and beeswax.

This versatile balm is a must for every household as a remedy for minor scratches, bites, stings and burns. Will aid in the relief of muscular aches, pains and stiff joints , bumps and bruises, cold and flu symptoms, and massaged into the temples can ease stress and tension.

Great after over- exertion, leaving you feeling just great.

Black Bear Tooth Powder

Contains black pepper corns, cloves and rock salt. This tooth powder is hot stuff, looks horrid, tastes horrid but really works. Testimonials claim that this not only whitens and brightens, but is effective against tartar build up and over sensitivity, strenghtens gums and deoderises.

Manuka Cottage Balms

A range of balms that are easily applied and have been developed in a natural base of beeswax , olive oil for deep penetration and Vitamin E, using pure essential oils.

For deep penetrating relief of bruises,muscular aches and sprains try Carols special brew of Manuka, Eucalyptus & Cajuput (the tiger, in Tiger Balm).

For the relief of cold & flu symptoms, aches & pains try her blend with Manuka & Eucalyptus.

Other balms in this range include Manuka&Hypericum Balm

Fleurs Balm - Arnica, Manuka, Calendula, Rosemary, &


Pure Manuka Balm


Manuka Essential Oil

This versatile essential oil is a must for every home, and first aid kit . Beautiful smelling manuka oil harvested from the West Coast of the South Island can be used on cuts, abrasions, bites, stings,burns, athletes foot, thrush, mouth ulcers, as a combative against nits and lice, & repels insects. Acts as an antiseptic, analgesic and is anti fungal .

Manuka Cottage Moisturisers

This range of moisturisers for dry, normal or oily skin has been formulated in a natural base of beeswax, VitE and vegetable oils using special blends of essential oils to complement each skin type. Leaves the skin nourished and protected.

Natural Handcut Manuka Soap

Our manuka essential oil soap is especially beneficial to those with sensitive skin, eczema , or athletes foot. The unique medicinal properties of Manuka oil in this soap means it is ideal for killing odour and bacteria. Ideal for teenage skin problems. No chemicals added.

Facial Wash

Excellent exfoliant and effective facial cleanser. Great for those annoying 'breakouts'.

Contains oatmeal, mild soap, milkpowder and manuka essential oil.


Lotion Bars

A new concept in body moisturisers. These moisturising bars made from natural beeswax and vegetable oils with added aromatic oils are an ideal way to pamper your body after showering. Simply rub all over to nourish the skin. Choose from the range of fragrances.



Manufactured by: Manuka Cottage
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