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Naturally Equine
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Naturally Equine has created a range of naturalcare products for those of us who not only dislike chemicals for ourselves but on our equine friends as well.
These are just like our people products.
NO SYNTHETIC CHEMICALS. Our Manuka Oil is distilled by ourselves here at Manuka Cottage and our herbs are organically grown in our own herb garden.
All product bases are made from pure beeswax , seed and nut oils..
Features:Full Product Description Below
  • Naturally Equine
  • Natural Care Products
  • Finest Ingredients
  • Essential oils are 100% pure
  • Manuka Oil is distilled by ourselves
  • Herbs are organically grown
  • Michelle & Carol Naturally Equine
  • NE EMUHOOF: 250ml
  • NE EMUDERM: 250ml
  • BGL LINIMENT: 500ml
  • NE ARNICA CREAM: 250ml
  • EMUHERB Relief Salve: 250ml
  • EMU Wound Heal: 250ml
  • NE LEATHER CARE: 250ml
  • EQUINE ESSENSES:25ml (See full product range below)
Our specially formulated hoof conditioner contains Emu Oil, Manuka and Lavender essential oils , beeswax and oil.
Emu oil combines with the essential oils of Manuka and Lavender and herbal St Johns Wort oil in an aqueous cream base.
This herbal rub has Capsaicin as it's main ingredient . Also contains Emu Oil and the essential oils of Manuka and Lavender. Highly regarded by humans too!
This potent salve contains Emu Oil, Manuka ( tea tree) & Lavender Essential Oil and the herb Comfrey, in a beeswax and vegetable oil base. Please ensure minor cuts and abrasions are cleansed thoroughly before application. Use sparingly.
Can be applied to ligaments , tendons and bruising.
with Lavender Essential Oil and Emu Oil in a beeswax and vegetable oil base.
Also contains emu oil in aqueous cream base . Do not apply to open skin. Useful for riders sore spots too.!
BGP Moist Kaolin Poultice :
Made with New Zealands finest quality Kaolin Clay to which we have added a blend of herbs and essential oils .
A superior lip protection and rejuvenating combination of Emu Oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, manuka honey , beeswax with manuka essential oil, and a choice of flavours. Protects, moisturises and soothes dry and cracked lips. Emu Oil also provides some solar protection.
A superior leather cleaner and conditioner with ManukaOil to kill mold and prevent regrowth.Olive, Neatsfoot oils and finest quality beeswax. Easy-to-use, leaves a soft and beautiful shine on leather.
Do not apply any wound cream to an injury that may need stitching-
call your veterinarian first.
Equine Essenses
Naturally Equine in conjunction with Thelma Bracewell, Chartered Natural therapist, have produced Equine Essenses, a superb range of Homeopathics and Bach Flower Essenses designed with the horse and rider in mind.
These are not intended to take the place of veterinary advice but can be used in conjunction with other medications.
Each homeopath and flower essence is individually hand made .
Packaged in convenient 25 mL plastic dropper bottles Flower Essenses may help to balance the emotional and mental state of your horse.
Taken orally these drops are made by immersing blossoms in water in the sun to absorb the healing energies of the flowers.
these essenses are totally safe. They can be used with other medications and without fear of overdosing.

Homeopathics are oral drops made from diluted and potentized natural materials. they work powerfully to heal the total individual physically and mentally.
Excellent first aid, homeopathics also can stimulate longterm healing.
4 drops per dose dropped on the inner lip or can be added to the animals water.
For long term problems - use 2 to 4 doses daily.
For acute injuries/illness/emotional stress- use as often as needed for symptoms to fade. This can be as close as every 5 to 15 minutes if necessary. Gradually increase the time between doses as symptoms subside.
Arnica 200C
This is said to be the classic first aid homeopath .
May aid during accidents, injury and operations It should be used as soon and as often as possible after trauma and may reduce swelling, bruising, pain, physical and emotional shock.
Continue to use until healing is completed.
Arnica may speed healing time and aid during and after foaling.
Injury Homeopathic Blend:
Bellis Perenis 30c/Hypericum 30c/ Ledum 30c.
May aid during lameness, nerve damage, sprains, puncture or lacerated wounds, injuries to mouth or spine, insect stings, bites or scratches.
Use if Arnica does not produce ongoing improvement.
Movement RecoveryBlend:
Ruta Grav 30C/Rhus Tox 30C/ Arnica 30C.
For all soreness, stiffness and swelling. Tendon and ligament problems.
Suffering effects of cold, wet and windy weather, joint problems. Stiff neck, spine, legs, shoulders , hips and lameness.
Illness Recovery Blend:
Hydrastis 30C/ HeparSulf 30C/ Pulsatilla 30C.
For infections, colds, coughs, thick mucous discharges, fever, respiratory problems.
Sweating, poor digestion, unhealthy skin, abscesses. And for feeling emotionally dejected and hopeless.
Horse Essences Rescue Remedy: is the classic Bach Flower essense blend for all emergencies. Has been said to aid in calming the horse and rider during any crisis or trauma.
For example - accidents, frights, falls, terror, panic or injuries.
Confidence Blend: is for use before races/competitions and for timid horses.
It may help the horse to focus on his work and doing a good job. >Symptoms such as impatience, muscular tension, short bursts of temper, frustration, over-sensitive to surrounding environment, insecurity , may all be eased.
The horse may be less affected by adverse conditions, also more calm, capable and clever.
Maternal Blend: is for the mare whilst in foal, during foaling and with the foal at foot.
This blend may help her to stay calm and balanced and to accept the changes and bond with the foal.
Post Performance Blend: is for over-exertion of any kind - including after races/competitions.
This blend may aid to help the horse regain its physical energy and its composure after any strenuous time which may cause restlessness, tension, fear or anxiety due to what it has been through.
Recovery Blend: is used during and after any injury or illness and may aid to promote healing and wellness. May help the horse to be grounded, to strengthen its energy and to fight illness, to not give up but rather keep its healing energy moving.
Calming Blend: is made with Rescue remedy and other essenses to provide poise, balance, confidence, recovery from stress, composure and the ability to face stressful situations or environments in a steady and cal;m manner.
Useful anytime the horse is feeling nervous or jittery. Can be used long-term for nervousness or jumpiness.
Manufactured by: Manuka Cottage
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